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Cleaning is one of the last things on your mind, especially with such a busy schedule. That’s where we come in. Hanks Hauling is a preferred hauling service specializing in junk removal, estate cleanout, house/garage cleanout, storage unit, construction debris and emergency removal services.

Hank’s Hauls it All

You have better things to do in your life than struggle to remove and properly dispose of items and materials you no longer want. We do it all for the best value you can find.

House/Garage Cleanouts

Have you been putting off a massive purge of items just because you were concerned about having to get rid of them in multiple stages or you don’t have the extra space to collect it all, we can help.

Commercial/Construction Debris Removal

Save money with Hank’s, we can remove your debris without charging you to cover the overhead of a massive company that doesn’t know your name or needs. We know how to take care of long term relationships and get things done right.

Oversize Furniture or Appliance Removal

DO you have that one item that you really want to get rid of but moving it is a nightmare let alone finding a way to dispose of it, how have we not met yet?

Attic/Basement Cleanouts

Up high or down low in your home we can get it out and get it gone, and we make the entire process easy and fun. Don’t kill yourself trying to do what we love.

Local Weekly Trash Pickups

Do you have excess trash that you need removed and don’t want to hassle with the usual services, reach out and we can put you on a weekly plan to never think about it again.

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Tight spaces, awkward stacking, hours of hot uncomfortable work; let us do it for you. Don’t stress a minute more over what to do next.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

Reach out and let us know what you are looking to do and we can help right away.


“Hank’s helped faster and at a price others wouldn’t I am so grateful.”
Kevin Foster

“I had a garage that hadn’t seen daylight in years and Hank’s had it done in a day, I stressed so much for nothing.” William Chaloner

“Hank was able to take care of it all, from my home to my business it all was removed without drama or complications.”

Lou Pearlman

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we charge for services?

People ask how we charge… 95% of the time it is by volume of junk. Sometimes it is billed by truckload for a big house/office clean out if it will save the customer money. Basically we do what is best/most cost-effective for the customers at all time. Repeat business is our goal every time.

What type of items do we take?

We take just about everything, with the exception of hazardous materials.

We are Available 24/7!

We are proudly located out of Park Ridge, IL. We service Chicago, IL and most neighboring suburbs

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